Our vision is to become the premier platform for competitive mind sports. We aspire to offer an accessible, fair and sustainable eco-system for epic battles, broadcasts, leagues and tournaments.

Exclusive Partnerships

Checkmate holds the exclusive online speed chess data, tournament and broadcast rights for the Asian Chess Federation and the Arab Esports Federation, uniting players from over 71 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Gulf. In addition to Checkmate's annual Arcade and Pro calendar, the Asian Chess Federation and our chess and esports federation partners will host regular tournaments on Checkmate, providing more opportunities for players.

Strategic Partner

Tencent is leaning in with their expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, anti-cheat measures, gaming and immersive media. Checkmate and Tencent have agreed on a range of initiatives to accelerate online speed chess as an esport.

Both Checkmate and Tencent Cloud share a unified vision where the convergence of media and technology can be harnessed to level up the realm of competitive play, broadcasting, and chess โ€“ one of the world's largest sports and the next big thing in esports. Leo Li, Vice President, Tencent Cloud International

Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) have partnered to combat cheating in online chess. This collaboration follows our acquisition of Szuperchess, a renowned European company known for its ground-breaking Computer Vision Anti-Cheat technology. AAII, a world leader in artificial intelligence research, is Australia's largest AI Research Institute and is bringing its A-team to Checkmate's Fair Play Lab.

The UTS AAII team is thrilled about this collaboration. Chess and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand. While chess has historically served as a testbed for AI advancements, it has also played a significant role in driving progress in various areas, from search algorithms to advanced machine learning techniques. What sets this project apart is its specialised multi-model AI approach. Dr Nabin Sharma, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute

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