At Checkmate, we offer a variety of limited edition items, encompassing downloadable content (DLC), in-game assets, licensed IP, and in-house creations. Our approach to limited edition items, ranging from DLC to in-game assets, is rooted our desire for players choice. By providing clear information and diverse options, we empower players to tailor their experience on our platform.


  • Downloadable Content (DLC): These are additional content packages that can be downloaded, enhancing the game with new features

  • In-Game Assets: Items used within the Checkmate platform, including avatars, cards, chess pieces, and other digital goods that enhance the gaming experience.

  • Licensed IP: Products developed in collaboration with third-party brands, adhering to licensing agreements and often reflecting well-known themes or characters.

  • In-House IP: Original content created by Checkmate, offering unique themes and designs exclusive to our platform.

Types of Limited Edition Items:

  1. Digital Collectables [Non-Blockchain-Based]

    • Suitable for players who prefer traditional gaming experiences without blockchain integration.

    • Includes DLC, in-game assets, and both licensed and in-house IP.

  2. Mintable Digital Collectables [Non-Blockchain-Based]

    • Initially non-blockchain but can be converted into NFTs post-season.

    • Ideal for those gradually exploring the convergence of web2 and web3.

  3. Blockchain-Based Items

    • NFT Digital Collectable Drops

    • Appeals to players already familiar and comfortable with web3

  4. Transferability of Blockchain-Based Items

    • Transferable to personal non-custodial wallets for complete ownership.

    • Empowers players with full control over their assets.

  5. Non-Blockchain Item Options

    • Includes platform-exclusive items, digital certificates, and API-enabled transfers.

    • Provides versatility in how items are managed and used within the Checkmate ecosystem.

Market-Specific Availability and Regulatory Compliance

  • Chess is a Game of Global Appeal: Recognized worldwide as a game of skill, transcending various cultural and legal environments

  • Market Adaptability: The availability of web3 minting is subject to your local regulations

  • Regulatory Compliance: We are may need to adjust or suspend specific web3 functionalities in regions where they conflict with local regulations

Transparency and Player Choice

  • Each item is accompanied by clear information regarding its nature, blockchain interaction, and transferability

  • Players can choose their level of involvement with blockchain features based on personal preferences and local lregulations

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