Refer-a-mate and earn

Program Overview

Welcome to the Checkmate.Live Alpha Pack Referral Program! This exciting opportunity allows you, our valued community members, to earn significant rewards by promoting Alpha Packs and Beta Drops. Whether you're a Federation, seasoned player, content creator, or a passionate member of our community, this program is designed to reward your efforts and contribute to the growth of our vibrant gaming community.

Programme participants

  • Alpha Pass Holders

  • Community Members

  • Media and Publishers

  • Influencers and Content Creators

This initiative offers personal rewards and Community Rewards, with 50% of sales directed to the Community Treasury and Dynamic Prize Fund.

Personal Gains

  • Inner Circle Alpha Pass Holders: Enjoy a 20% commission on attributable sales of Alpha Pack and Alpha Drop sales made through your network

  • Federations: All participating Federations will receive a 15% commission on attributable sales, allow list spots and extra loot for giveaways

  • Others: Participate in a tiered referral program with commissions ranging from 10% to 20%, depending on the number of referrals.

Community Gains

  • Supporting the Community Treasury: 50% of all sales contribute to the Community Treasury,

  • Community Upside: Your participation in the referral program not only benefits you financially but helps support rising talent and community rewards and growth

Community Treasury

  • Purpose: The Treasury funds various community initiatives, including prize pools, creator and player support, R&D and further platform development

  • 50% of net sales revenue from Alpha Pack and Beta Drop sales, 50% of marketplace fees and 100% from Treasury Drops go to the Community Treasury.

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