⚡Fusing Cards

Fusing combines identical cards to create a new card with a higher rank. This action is crucial for completing higher-end collections.

Fusing cards can also:

  • Boost your XP: 🚀⬆️ Increase your experience points, accelerating your progression in the game.

  • Converting some cards to credits or crowns: 💰🃏💱 Turn cards into in-game currency or valuable resources.

  • Craft a new card: 🔨🔧 Create a brand-new card to add to your collection or utilize in gameplay.

  • Gain access to a high-stakes tournament: 🔄🆚 Use your enhanced cards to enter competitive and high-reward tournaments.

How to Fuse in Checkmate:

  1. Gather Three Identical Cards: 🃏👥 Ensure you have three cards that are the same in terms of name, rarity, and rank.

  2. Navigate to the Fuse Screen: 🧭🖥️ This can be found within your loot wallet.

  3. Initiate the Fusing Process: 🔥 In your loot wallet, select the identical cards you wish to fuse.

  4. Fuse and Upgrade: ✨🆙 During fusing, two cards will be burned and removed from your collection. The remaining card will be upgraded to a higher rank.

Benefits of Fusing:

  • Increased Rarity and Value: 🌟💲 Upgraded cards are rarer and often hold more value for gameplay and potential trading.

  • Strategic Collection Management: 🤔📈 Decide which cards to fuse to enhance your collection and gameplay strategy.

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