Scrim Mode

Scrim Mode is an unrated environment where you can experiment, learn, and connect with other players. It's your go-to mode whether you're gearing up for competitive play, sharing your love for chess with viewers, or just looking for a friendly match.

Features of Scrim Mode

  • Unrated Matches: Play without the pressure of affecting your official ranking

  • Play Against Players or the Computer: Choose your opponent โ€“ challenge other players, invite friends, or match up against our advanced AI for diverse practice scenarios.

  • Streamer-Friendly Environment: Ideal for content creators who wish don headphones to live-stream their games and engage with their audience.

  • Use of Third-Party Aids Allowed: Employ chess analysis tools and guides to enhance your learning experience.

  • Fair Play: Transparency is key. While the anti-cheat system is relaxed, games will be tagged so are players know you are in Scrim Mode

  • Headphones Permitted: Use headphones to immerse yourself in the game, whether for concentration or interaction with your audience.

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