Refer-A-Mate Policy

Scope of the Program:

Join our Refer a Mate Affiliate Program to earn commissions. Eligible programs are listed on our Refer a Mate program page.

Application Process:

  • To apply, you need a validated account on and must agree to our Terms and Conditions and Affiliate Terms.

  • Apply via the Refer a Mate page

  • Ensure your application is accurate and complete

  • Register your web3 wallet for payouts

Acceptance into the Program

  • Checkmate will inform you via email about the acceptance or decline of your application. Acceptance is based on various criteria, such as community reach and partnership status

  • We reserve the right to accept or decline applications at our discretion.

Participation Requirements

  • During the application, you must enroll with our Affiliate Program Partner Sharemint

  • You must have a web3 wallet

  • USDC payouts will only be made to the registered wallet

Affiliate Fees

  • Commissions are based on the Affiliate program you have been accepted to and the terms and conditions of the programme.

  • Affiliate Fees are calculated based on regional tax requirements and are paid the following month after the revenue is generated.

  • Commissions are paid for leads tracked and reported by our systems or our Affiliate Program Partner.

Violations and Fraud

  • Any fraudulent activities or violations of the Terms can lead to restrictions on your account and potential legal actions.

  • If fraudulent Leads are detected, you may be required to refund the Affiliate Fees paid to you.

Terms Updates

  • We may update our Affiliate Terms without prior notice. Continued participation in the program indicates acceptance of the new terms.

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