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Checkmate is the pioneering free-to-play platform for next-generation players and fans, offering a new way to play, watch and stream dedicated to speed chess.


It's the ultimate destination for those passionate about social and competitive play, featuring state-of-the-art video conferencing, streaming capabilities, and community-centric features. Our platform's video conferencing allows seamless connection for players to engage in direct competition, form squads, or organize private fan tournaments.


Dive into one-on-one duels, join forces in squad matches, or spearhead exclusive tournamentsโ€”all while engaging with interactive live streams and ensuring fair play with our pioneering computer vision anti-cheat technology.


Protect your privacy with our next-gen avatars and battle it out to collect and trade in our marketplace.


When our participation token drops, we reap the rewards by sharing and watching content.


Enhance your viewing and streaming experience with Checkmate's Interactive Live Streaming and Broadcast Streaming features, part of our exclusive Pro Mode. Stream seamlessly on Checkmate or to your preferred platforms, and switch between live games of your favourite players at your convenience. Discover the full potential of your chess experience with a Pro Pass.

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