๐ŸŽซAlpha Pass

Each Alpha Pack comes bundled with an upgraded Pro Pass called the Alpha Pass.

Each Alpha Pack comes bundled with an upgraded Pro Pass called the Alpha Pass and provides the holder with a range of exclusive benefits for up to seven years.

  • AAA Tournament Access to Alpha, Arcade, and Pro tournaments.

  • Gaming Competitions & Rewards: Opportunities to participate in Alpha-only tournaments, Ladders, Brawls, and Showdowns, with lucrative prizes.

  • Exclusive Content & Customization: Access to special chess sets, seasonal avatar drops, and unique badges.

  • Enhanced Communication Features: Advanced chat and video functionalities tailored for social and professional gaming interactions.

  • Mates Rates: Significant financial perks include exclusive game store discounts and savings on card upgrades.

  • Superior User Experience & Support: An ad-free gaming environment, enhanced anti-cheat protections, and priority support services.

Annual Membership included in each class of Alpha Pack:


Alpha Pro Pass


7 years


7 years


6 years


5 years


4 years


3 years

Click here to see the standard pro pass pricing.

Unlock AAA Access

  • Choose your class and secure an Alpha Pro pass ranging from one year to seven years

  • Enjoy Alpha-only competitive Play: Compete for Cash, Credits, and USDC payouts

  • Alpha-only tournament and AAA access to Arcade and Pro tournaments

  • Be the first to experience new games, drops, Alpha versions, and expansions

  • Enjoy AAA access to events

  • Alpha-only Badge

Click here to read more about the Pro Mode and Pro Pass.

Exclusive Alpha-only Benefits

  • AAA Access to Alpha, Arcade, and Pro tournaments

  • Alpha allows list access before any pre-sales

  • Early Access to Future Token Air Drops.

  • Early Access to Avatar Season Drops

  • Early Access to Season Card Drops

  • Early access to new modes, Alpha versions, and expansions.

  • AAA Access to Alpha, Arcade, and Pro tournaments

  • Next Gen Avatar video unlock

  • Pre-Season Next-Gen Avatar unlock

  • Always in Chat and video conferencing unlocked for social and pro play

  • Avatar and Card Crafting, Trading and Minting

Bonus: Season One Starter Pack

Flip or hold your Alpha Avatar during the Alpha Split and collect more traits with your complimentary Season One Starter Avatar.

The free season one starter pack includes:

  • 1 x 2D Season One Avatar

  • 1 x 3D Season One Next-Gen Avatar*

  • 500 Crowns

  • 500 Credits

  • 1 Gold Pack

  • 15 x Brawl Tokens

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