Refer a mate and earn

Apply to join the Checkmate Refer-a-Mate program and earn

Calling all players, teams, federations, influencers, media and content creators: Apply soon to be a mate and earn up to 20% when someone uses your link or code to purchase an Alpha Pack or early supporter annual pro pass.




InnerCircle Alpha Pass Holders



15% on all sales

Content Creators

20% commission: 11+ referrals

15% commission: 6-10 refferals

10% commission: 1-5 refferals

Whether you're a Federation, seasoned player, content creator, or passionate community member, this program is designed to allow you to share in the upside.

This initiative offers personal rewards and Community Rewards. 50% of Alpha Pack's net sales revenue is directed to the Community Treasury and Dynamic Prize Fund.

Personal Gains:

  • Alpha Pass Holders: Enjoy a 20% commission on all Alpha Pack and Alpha Drop sales made through your referrals and Annual Pro Passes sold

  • Community Members, Federations and Influencers: Participate in a tiered referral program with commissions ranging from 10% to 20%, depending on the number of referrals.

Community Gains

  • Supporting the Community Treasury: 50% of all sales contribute to the Community Treasury,

  • Enhancing the Community XP: Your participation in the referral program not only benefits you financially but helps support rising talent and community rewards and growth

Community Treasury

  • Purpose: The Community Treasury funds various community initiatives, including prize pools, creator and player support, R&D and further platform development

  • 50% of net sales revenue from Alpha Pack and Beta Drop sales, 50% of marketplace fees and 100% from Treasury Drops goes to the Community Treasury.

How it works

  1. Apply: To apply, visit this form and answer some questions about yourself, your audience, and your promotion plan.

  2. Connect your wallet: Once approved, youโ€™ll receive a link. Simply connect your Web3 wallet to receive your unique affiliate link, which you can share in your social media, blog, stream, or site content.

  3. Promote: Use the provided referral links and codes to promote to your audience

  4. Earn: When a referral makes a purchase, youโ€™ll earn up to 20% when they purchase an Alpha Avatar or pro pass, with no limits to how much you can earn.

  5. Track: Monitor your referrals, sales, and earnings through the platform.

  6. Get paid: After the Alpha sale, you will receive the commission in the Web3 wallet you connected.

Tracking and Payments

  • Real-Time Dashboard: Monitor your referrals, sales, and earnings through our user-friendly platform just connect your wallet to track your earnings

  • Payment Terms: Commissions are paid out within 10 working days following the sales event

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