About Checkmate

Fast and Furious online speed Chess for players

We're on a mission to accelerate online speed chess as an esport. Checkmate is a free-to-play, next-generation online speed chess platform featuring enhanced fair play, innovative game modes, and in-game video conferencing for social and competitive play.

Players can battle for glory, credits, collectibles, ratings and USDC. From arcade to competitive play, we reward your skills and make sure your mate play fair.

Exclusive Modes

All Checkmate season passes are a suped-up battle pass that unlocks loot and rewards.

Exclusive Features

Checkmate's tech playbook is a strategic blend of AI, Web2, Web3 and cloud to enhance accessibility and competitive play.

We fuse gaming, sports, and immersive media tech to enable an esports-first experience. Our partnerships with the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Tencent Cloud, and our SzuperChess tech have enhanced the platform with cutting-edge sports, fair play and immersive media technology.

Community Rewards

In the spirit of sports and today's community-centric games, Checkmate has established the Community Treasury. Our model is designed to be fair, transparent, and geared towards sustainable growth, with a share of Checkmate's ongoing revenue allocated to support initiatives and the Checkmate community.

Community Treasury โ€The Checkmate Treasury and the attached prize pool is a dynamic fund that grows with every trade and treasury drop. This ever-increasing pool of funds is allocated to the competitive calendar, Fair Play, community initiatives, and community support.

โ€The Community Treasury receives:

  • 100% of treasury drops

  • 50% of Alpha Pre-sale and Public Sale net revenue

  • 50% of Checkmate and participating marketplace secondary sales royalties

  • 50% of all in-season TX marketplace fees

Read more here about how funds are allocated and the governance model.

Participation Token Checkmate plans to introduce a Participation Token as a key ecosystem element. Alpha Avatar holders will periodically receive airdrops of the token or credits as a reward for their early support. Airdrop allocation will be based on each Alpha Avatars holder's class.

Players and viewers can earn by participating on the Checkmate platform.

Calling all Alphas The Alpha Drop of Checkmate marks the rollout of our live Alpha platform, featuring exclusive Alpha Packs for our early adopters, conducted in close collaboration with our community and federation partners. Each Alpha Pack unlocks exclusive Checkmate early adopter benefits, drops, loot, tournaments, rewards, and a pro pass membership ranging from one to seven years.

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