Intellectual Property

At Checkmate, we use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as digital authenticity certificates. These NFTs signify ownership but don't transfer the copyright of the linked artwork. This is where our Alpha Avatar licensing framework comes in. It's designed to offer creative freedom to holders while upholding Checkmate's ecosystem integrity. With clear guidelines for both personal and commercial use, our aim is to encourage creativity and collaboration. Licensing NFTs, a now common practice, helps avoid legal ambiguities and conflicts, ensuring benefits for both the community and the individual holders.

Personal Use

  • Rights Granted: Holders are granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, modify, and create derivative works of the associated 2D Alpha Avatar for personal, non-commercial purposes.

  • Applications: This includes displaying the Alpha Avatar in digital wallets, using it as a profile picture, or creating 2D pixel-art versions for personal use on third-party platforms.

  • Restrictions: The art must not be used in a way that breaches Checkmate's community standards or involves unlawful or offensive activities.

Creator License

  • Holders are free to stream from the Checkmate Platform using their Alpha Avatars.

  • Rights: Non-exclusive, worldwide license to stream using your Alpha Avatar

  • No Licensing Fee: Provided IP and community rules are followed.

  • Revenue: Checkmate does not claim revenue generated on third-party streaming platforms

  • Compliance: Must adhere to legal, community and streaming guidelines

Commercial Use

  • Limited right to commercialize the underlying asset

  • Holders wishing to use their commercial purposes must enter a separate licensing agreement with Checkmate or use an approved smart contract for royalty processing

  • NFT owners are required to report sales and revenues generated from commercial use

  • A predefined percentage of the revenues will be paid as royalties equally to Checkmate and the Community Treasury, which the licencee understands will be published.

  • Scope and Limitations: The license excludes rights to Checkmate trademarks, 3D versions, third-party IPs, future releases, or unapproved derivative artworks.

Fan Art

  • Rights: Non-exclusive, worldwide license to create and share fan art

  • No Licensing Fee: Provided IP and community rules are respected.

  • Creative Freedom: Players are encouraged to create original, non-commercial works

  • Scope and Limitations:.Fan content must be free for others to view, access, share, and use without paying, obtaining approval, or giving credit. See the Fan Art section for more details

Alpha Pack

  • Specific rights and permissions are required to promote the Alpha Pack and six characters.

General IP Terms

  • Ownership: This license does not transfer ownership of the underlying IP. Checkmate retains all legal rights, title, and interest in the IP.

  • Transfer of Rights:

    • Selling your Alpha Avatar PFP results in the loss of access to the 3D platform Avatar, with tusage rights passing to the new holder

    • Commerical licences are non-transferable without the written permission of Checkmate and a new licence agreement shall be entered into with the holder

  • Usage Compliance: All uses must comply with Checkmate's community standards and lIP rules

  • The license is revocable.Chekmate reserves the right to terminate a license in cases of breach of terms or misuse of IP.

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