Federation Perks

As a member of an approved partner Federation we are delighted to offer you the following opportunity to earn by promoting the Checkmate Alpha launch.

Federation Gains:

All participating Federations will receive a 15% commission on attributable sales, allow list spots and extra loot for giveaways.

Your Federation's Benefits:

  • Earn a Robust 15% Commission on sales linked to your Federation*

  • 10 Invitations to our Innercirle private sale

  • 25 Guaranteed Allowlist spots for the pre-sale

  • 50 Pro Passes to engage your community

  • 100 Arcade Passes to engage your communityโ€

  • Community Investment: 50% of net sales revenue is allocated to the Community Treasury

Step 1: Register your Federation here Step 2: You will be sent a Federation Promo Kit Step 3: Register your authorised wallet via the link provided Step 4: Promote your code or link to your members and partners Step 5: Alpha Sale Pre-sale and Public sales event take place Step 6: Commission paid after campaign materials submitted to your registered wallet

All approved Federations who support the Alpha Launch will receive the following:

  • 15% commission on all Alpha Packs and Beta Drops sales

  • 15% commission on all 2024 Annual Pro passes up until Season One *

  • 10 x invites to the invite-only Alpha Sale private sale

  • 20 x Guaranteed Allow spots for the Alpha Pack pre-sale

  • 50 x Season 1 Pro Passes

  • 100 x Season 1 Arcade Passes

The following Season passes will be provided for promotional use:

  • 25 x Pro Passes โ€

  • 50 x Arcade passes

The following Season passes will be provided for Federation use:

  • 25 x Pro Passes โ€

  • 50 x Arcade passes

Once approved you will recieve:

  • A Federatio kit which includes information about how to claim your passes, allow list spots, social media templates and a link to register your wallet

  • Online video to walk through the process

  • Chat and ticket support on the Federation only Discord channel

Ways to promote and earn

  • Leverage Your Network: Utilize your federation's communication channels, such as newsletters, social media groups, forums, or email lists, to reach out to your members directly

  • Encourage Social Sharing: encourage your members to share information about the Avatar sale on their personal social media accounts. Provide pre-made social media posts or graphics that they can easily share, amplifying the reach of your promotion efforts

  • We are more than happy to talk to local media if requested or work with your sponsors if they wish to activate a campaign

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