Checkmate's tech playbook is a strategic blend of AI, Web3, and player-centric features, enhancing our player's experience. By aligning technology with our core principles and ethos, we offer an innovative, inclusive, and secure platform. This approach not only advances the gaming experience but also seeks to establish Checkmate as a leader in fairplay, combining the best of Web2 and Web3 worlds to accelerate speed chess as an esport.

Enhanced Accessibility and Autonomy

Checkmate empowers players by offering a flexible, secure, and immersive gaming experience:

  • Player-Centered Control: Players have the freedom to engage with Web3 features at their discretion, customizing their experience on the platform.

  • Flexible Payment Solutions: Catering to all players with a variety of payment methods, including traditional and crypto options.

  • Global Compliance and Security: The platform's flexibility in adapting to global standards ensures a safe and inclusive environment for players worldwide.

Checkmate utilses blockchain in the following ways:

  • Authentication

  • Avatars

  • Community Treasury Drops

  • Passes

  • Limited Edition DLC

  • Token Gated Passes and Tournaments

  • Payment and Payouts

  • USDC Prize Pools

  • NFT Items in Alpha Packs:

    • Alpha Pass

    • 2D Alpha Avatar

  • In-Game Currency:

    • in-game currency is not crypto-based

Blockchain Agnostic

  • Checkmate prides itself on being blockchain agnostic, allowing for seamless integration and partnerships across various blockchain platforms.

  • Our platform leverages token gating, a method that allows access to certain game features or assets based on token ownership.

  • This approach opens doors for collaborations with diverse Web3 partners, including other blockchain games, platforms, and popular Profile Picture (PFP) projects.

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