Tech Playbook

Blending Technology, Ethos, and Innovation

Chess is a pure game of skill with universal appeal and is a recognised sport by the International Olympic Committee. To ensure accessibility, we have implemented a hybrid web2 and web3 infrastructure to navigate the different regulatory requirements of international markets and provide greater access to players. In some countries, regulations regarding advertising, broadcasting, data, crypto, gaming, NFTs, and security measures are not easily achievable with a pure web3 play.

We also made a conscious decision early in our journey [way back in 2020] not to have a crypto-based token attached to the in-game economy. Purchasing in-game cosmetics, cards and skins provided no competitive advantage for players. Checkmate is not a โ€œplay-to-earn or play-to-winโ€ platform; it's a compete-to-win platform. Players can also earn on Chekcmate by trading or being a partnered player, influencer, or team.

Checkmate intends to issue a Participation token for watching tournament broadcasts on the platform and partner platforms. This token can be used to tip players or redeem prizes on the platform and with advertisers, partners, and sponsors.

By integrating the best of web2 and web3 technology, Checkmate can provide greater access to players, particularly in regions where traditional payment methods may not be available or accessible. Overall, a hybrid web2 and web3 platform can provide the best of both worlds, enabling Checkmate to navigate regulatory requirements and technical constraints. Whilst also leveraging the benefits of decentralized technology to enhance player access and engagement.

AI and Fair Play

Checkmate's commitment to a fair and enjoyable gaming experience is reflected in its advanced AI and fair play measures:

  • Robust Anti-Cheat Measures: A combination of internally developed AI anti-cheat systems and human oversight from international chess and esports federations upholds game integrity.

  • Avatar System for Privacy: Enhanced privacy options, including third-party KYC with hashed biometric data, provide secure and anonymous participation.

  • Szuperchess Integration: Innovative AI and computer vision technology monitor gameplay in real-time, ensuring a level playing field.

Cloud Gaming : Powered by Tencent Cloud is a cutting-edge progressive web app offering seamless access on both web and mobile platforms. Leveraging the power of Tencent Cloud, it provides an efficient, reliable, and high-quality gaming experience. This flexibility ensures players can enjoy Checkmate's comprehensive chess and social features anytime, anywhere, with the robust support of Tencent's advanced cloud technologies.

Data Localization prioritizes data security and compliance with international standards. Our data is strategically localized in multiple regions to adhere to local data protection laws and ensure faster, more reliable access for users globally. This approach to data localization enhances performance and aligns with our commitment to respecting user privacy and regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions.

Data and Privacy employs a robust data vault system to safeguard user data, ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy. Using a data vault securely stores sensitive user information, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Additionally, we partner with trusted third-party KYC providers for biometric data processing. These providers use advanced techniques to protect biometric information, ensuring that user privacy is maintained throughout the verification process. This comprehensive approach to data security underscores our dedication to user safety and compliance with global privacy standards.

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