Under the Hood


We are on a mission to accelerate online speed chess as an esport.


As individuals, we all have different attitudes, beliefs, skills and values. As a team, we don't ask people to set aside their values; we share an ethos that guides our behaviour and decision-making. This ethos is best summed up by Mateship, an Australian and New Zealand cultural value that embodies equality, fairness, frankness, loyalty and friendship. As mates, we work as a global team united by Ekecheiria and Tolerance, representing our first principles.

First Principals

  • Tolerance and Good Sportsmanship: The platform should promote Fair play and tolerance and encourage good sportsmanship

  • Fair Play: The platform should promote fair play by ensuring that all participants have access to opportunities and compete fairly

  • A Fair Go: The platform should provide incentives and rewards to users for contributing to the platform's growth and development

  • Accessibility: The platform should be accessible to players regardless of their location, nationality or whether banked or unbanked

  • Community-Driven: The platform should be a partnership with its community, enabling mechanisms for co-governance, decision-making processes and representation

  • Collaboration: The platform should promote collaboration to foster opportunities, industry standards, innovation and growth

  • Neutrality: The platform should maintain political neutrality to protect the sport's integrity, preventing any political influence from impacting the game or our decisions

  • Compliance: The platform should observe regulations to ensure that its operations adhere to ethical, legal, and local social standards

  • AI and Biometrics: The platform shall use AI, biometrics and new technologies responsibly and securely

  • Security: The platform should take necessary measures to ensure the security of all user data and transactions

  • Decentralization: The platform should embrace decentralization whenever feasible to ensure that users have greater control over their assets, data and transactions

  • Transparency and Integrity: The platform should be transparent about its operations, including how user data is processed and used, transactions are handled and integrity rulings

  • Interoperability: The platform should seek to promote open standards and integrate with other Web3 platforms and projects to enable cross-functionality and collaboration

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