๐Ÿช™Currency and Tokens

Terms you should be familiar with if you are here to win loot and rewards!

This is your in-game money for buying and trading items





Checkmate's premium currency can be earned in-game or purchased.

Used to purchase exclusive items in the shop, enter tournaments, and acquire your Arcade and Pro Pass.


The main in-game currency, is awarded for winning games, daily logins, competition participation and watching broadcasts.

Can be used to buy card packs, upgrade cards, purchase single cards, trade, and enter some tournaments.


Keys are used to unlock Drops.

Used to unlock Drops to receive surprise in-game items.


Currency is obtained by purchasing card packs, winning games, or through competition rewards.

When enough Shards for a card are collected, that card is unlocked.


Earn these as you play to unlock new levels and rewards.





Experience Points earned by playing chess matches and engaging in community activities.

Increases player level, unlocking new privileges and adding to the player's Prestige.

Battle Points

Arcade Points are awarded for completing daily quests and tasks, related to the Arcade Pass.

Allows players to progress through Battle Pass tiers, unlocking rewards.


CMX is Checkmate's proprietary skill-based rating and pairing system for individual and team rankings. CMX will be running in the background during the Alpha phase.

Elo for rating your skill

Game Tokens

Tokens act as your ticket to play in events and tournaments and mini games.




High Rolla Tokens

Daily tokens given for a chance at some of our mini-games

Mini-game token

Brawl Tokens

Tokens used to enter the Weekly and Daily Brawls, earned through missions Daily loot streaks or can be purchased from the store.

Allows entry into brawls.

Good Game Tokens

The top players in the Daily/Weekly Brawls earn Good Game Tokens. These can be spent to enter Showdown Tournaments for the chance to win a big cash prize.

Allows players to enter the Monthly Show Downs

Event Tokens

Major events and special events have a special token subject to the terms of entry. This can be bundled with a chess set bundle or standalone.

Entry into a tournament or event

Collab Tokens

Collab Tokens are for tournaments that we have partnered with another project.

Entry into a tournament or event

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