Fan Art Policy

This policy aims to encourage Checkmate community creativity while protecting our brand and respecting legal and third party IP considerations.

1. Free Distribution:

  • Fan art must be freely shared.

  • No charges, subscriptions, or registrations for access.

  • It cannot be sold or licensed for compensation.

  • Free for everyone to view, access, share, and use.

2. Unofficial Nature:

  • Label fan art as unofficial and not endorsed by Checkmate

  • Include a note to communicate this.

Approved Characters and IP:

  • Create fan art only of approved Checkmate characters.

  • For third-party licensed characters, fan art is not permitted unless explicitly allowed.

Restrictions on Commercial Use:

  1. Direct commercialization of fan art is not allowed.

  2. Activities like selling fan art or using it in advertising campaigns for other products or services are considered commercial use and fall outside the permitted scope of the license.

Sponsorship and Monetization:

  1. Fan art can be subsidized by sponsorships, ad revenue, and donations, provided it doesn't restrict community access. This allows creators to receive indirect support (sponsorships, ad revenue, donations) for their fan art.

  2. The key is that these forms of support should not limit or restrict access to the fan art within the community.

Restrictions on Use of Checkmate IP:

  1. Avoid using Checkmate's logos, trademarks, or proprietary materials.

  2. Respect existing legal notices in Checkmate's IP.

  3. Checkmateโ€™s IP should not be used in other games or products.

Safe Sponsorship Practice:

  1. Avoid sponsors that conflict with Checkmate's values.

  2. Disclose sponsorship nature clearly.

  3. Sponsor mentions should be reasonable and not imply association with Checkmate.

  1. Ensure your fan art complies with local laws and Checkmate's standards.

  2. You are responsible for legal issues arising from your fan art.

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