Maker League Licence Terms

This license will allow participants ("Makers") to use 3D avatars provided by for the sole purpose of creating original art for entry into the Makers League Competition ("the Makers League").

Eligible Art Forms:

  • Makers are invited to submit their entries in various creative formats including, but not limited to:

    • Animation: Animated works that bring the avatars to life.

    • Model: Physical or digital models sculpted using the avatars.

    • Sculpture: Artistic sculptures created in physical form.

    • 3D Print: Three-dimensional printed works derived from the avatars.

    • 2D Illustration: Artistic interpretations in two-dimensional form.

    • 3D Illustration: Three-dimensional digital creations.

    • Short Film: Cinematic pieces featuring the avatars.

    • Music Video: Creative video productions that incorporate music and avatars.

    • Other Creative Works: Any other form of art that utilizes the assets provided, subject to the approval of

AI Usage and IP Protection:

  • Permitted Use of AI: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and engines is permitted for creating entries. Makers must ensure that their use of AI complies with the following guidelines:

    • Private Accounts: If an AI engine is used, it must be operated on a private account to prevent any Intellectual Property (IP) leakage.

    • IP Rights Compliance: Makers are responsible for ensuring that the use of AI does not infringe upon the IP rights of others. This includes being cautious of the data and inputs used while engaging with AI tools.

    • Originality: While AI can be utilized as a tool, the final submission must be the original work of the Maker, incorporating the provided avatars in a creative and unique way.

Rights Granted:

  • Non-Exclusive, Worldwide License: Makers are granted a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the provided 3D avatars to create and share art specifically for the Makers League.

  • Creative Freedom: Makers are encouraged to create original works using the avatars. The art must be non-commercial and solely for the purpose of participating in the Makers League.

  • Community Judging: Entries will be judged by the community, and winners will be awarded prizes according to the category.

Limitations and Restrictions:

  • No Resale by Makers: Entries or any derivative works cannot be sold or used for commercial purposes by the Makers.

  • Makers League-Specific Use: The use of assets, including 3D avatars, is restricted to entering the Makers League. Any use outside the scope of the Makers League is prohibited.

  • Non-Transferable: This license is non-transferable. Makers cannot assign their rights to use the avatars to another party.

  • No Modification of Avatars: Makers are not permitted to alter the fundamental characteristics of the avatars. Artistic interpretation should be expressed through the context and composition of the entry rather than alterations to the avatar design itself.

Auction Provision:

  • Optional Auctioning: If decides to auction any of the artworks, with the consent of the respective Maker, the proceeds from such sale will be split, with 50% going to the Maker and 50% to the community treasury.

  • Consent Required: The auctioning of artwork is subject to the explicit consent of the respective Maker. Makers have the right to opt out of the auctioning process.

Community Engagement:

  • Free Access: All entries must be freely accessible to the community for viewing, sharing, and enjoyment. Entries should not require payment, approval, or credit to access.


  • This license is valid until the end of the Makers League. Upon conclusion, all rights granted under this license will terminate, except for any rights or obligations arising from the auction provision.


  • By participating in the Makers League, Makers agree to abide by the terms of this license. reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not adhere to these terms.

Note for Participants Before accessing the competition models, you will be required to sign an agreement detailing the full terms and conditions of the Makers League. This is to ensure a clear understanding and adherence to the guidelines and standards of the competition.

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