Social Play with Mates

Who we are

Checkmate is a stand-alone entity incubated by VADR Media, an executive production company passionate about play, broadcasting, events, and new media. Checkmate has collaborated with subject matter experts, mates, strategic partners, and vendors to accelerate online chess as an esport. All our stakeholders are committed to fair play and a fair go for players and teams, with a share in the upside. We are united by the principles of Ekecheiria, Fairness, and Tolerance and fueled by our collaborative but competitive nature and first principles.

Our Team

We're all un-doxed, at least the core team. Click here to find out more.

Our Journey

The idea for Checkmate was conceived by a group of mates down under during the pandemic. Like many, we were separated from family and friends for years, and online chess served as a universal way to stay connected. As esports, media and tech professionals, we were dissatisfied with the current state of fair play and upside for casual and competitive players. We believed online chess could and should be accelerated as an esport. We knew that with our combined skills, the latest technology, and a few tweaks, we could enhance the experience and rewards for players.

Fast forward to today, and we've partnered with Tencent and global federations, all sharing our mission of accelerating chess as an esport. Along the way, we acquired an AI anti-cheat company to tackle online cheating and teamed up with subject matter experts to build a platform and playbook for today and tomorrow. We're now excited to be stepping out of the shadows of production to serve a community of players who also want to play fair and share in the upside.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey together, we remain committed to our principles and mission. Weโ€™re dedicated to shaping a future where fair play and community are at the core of everything we do.

Whatโ€™s a mate?

In chess, it's the move that clinches the game but in Down Under speak, a mate is your buddy, your pal, more than just a friend. It's someone who's always there for a laugh or a bit of support. Mates can have their differences, engage in friendly rivalry, or be fiercely competitive on the board. However, once the game is over, mates are quick to share a laugh. It's this spirited, competitive, yet community-minded atmosphere that Checkmate is on a mission to promote.

Get Ready to Play

Arcade Mode

Play the game within a game. Battle your mates, play for keeps. Earn XP and battle points to unlock limited edition cards and skins.

Battle Mode

Hustle your mates in a high-stakes game. Stake your cards and skins, and battle them in our "Winner Takes All" mode.

Pro Mode

Rank up solo or as a squad in our esport-first division system. Play in local and global leagues and tournaments. Compete for glory, rewards, and USDC.

The Market

Unleash your inner trader and profit from your skills. Trade your hard-earned winnings with other players to complete your collections or acquire rare skins.

Get Ready to Play Fair

Enhanced Fair play

We have developed world-class online anti-cheat tech, and Fair Play measures to ensure fair play and a level playing field for our players.

Szuperchess Protected

We leverage our proprietary AI and computer vision technology to monitor real-time gameplay to ensure your mates play fairly.

Governance Collaboration

Collaboration agreements with The Asian Chess Federation and the Esports Integrity Commission to ensure cheaters have no place to run.

Fair Play Innovation Lab

We're committed to fair play advancements through collaboration with the community, research partners, and world-leading experts in artificial intelligence.

Get Ready to experience

Next-Gen Avatars

Checkmate introduces our next-gen immersive Avatars. They're dynamic, limited, upgradable, and tradable and replicate your expressions and movements during gameplay.

Social play

Connect with mates anywhere with in-game video and chat. Chat, tip, battle or tilt with unique emotes with your next-gen Avatar.

Enhanced Privacy

Play safe and Protect your online privacy with Next-Gen Avatars that act as a de-identification mask.

Built to stream

Stream with a Checkmate next-gen Avatar direct to your favourite streaming platform.

Flex your class

Be the player you always wanted to be. Personalise your Avatar or arena with custom Skins and chess sets. New Avatars, skins and Chess sets are available each season for players to earn, unlock and trade.

Don't miss the opportunity to secure an Alpha Pack and become a part of the Alpha team, provide community feedback, enjoy exclusive benefits, and share in the upside.

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