Web3 Assets

Alpha Sale

  • The Alpha Pass and Alpha Avatars released during the Checkmate Alpha Sale are Ethereum (ETH) based

  • The benefits and utility of these assets are unlocked on Checkmate.live

  • Alpha Avatars can be traded on secondary markets

Asset Labels and Pre-Minting:

  • Limited edition assets released in a season are clearly labelled with their respective blockchain type.

  • These assets are pre-minted, signifying their immediate availability as blockchain items and their distinct status within the game's ecosystem.

Cards and Seasonal Minting:

  • Unique to Checkmate, cards are not mintable until the end of the season. This delay is part of our strategy to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of these collectibles.

  • Post-season, these cards transition to Layer 2 (L2) EVM assets, ensuring faster transactions and reduced costs while retaining the security and transparency of blockchain technology

Token-Gated Tournaments and Collaborations

Checkmate introduces exclusive gaming opportunities and collaborations:

  • Exclusive Token-Gated Tournaments: Access to special tournaments for Alpha holders, enhancing the gaming experience with unique rewards.

  • Collaborations with Web3 Projects: Partnerships with Web3 entities to provide custom avatars, chess sets, and exclusive access to tournaments, enriching the community experience.

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