Alpha Avatar Artwork

There's nothing more Alpha than a Checkmate Alpha Avatar

The Alpha Avatars CollectorSeries

We're on a mission to accelerate speed chess and mind games as an esport. We want to build a community where you can play fast and furious, battle your mates and make some bank. If you are a like-minded founder, creator, player, thinker, punk or renegade who pushes your limits and plays by your own playbook, then you are an Alpha.

Rodrigo Lorenzo

The Alpha Avatars Collectable Series was illustrated by Rodrigo Lorenzo, a talented comic artist and illustrator from Madrid, Spain. His previous commissions have included work for leading comic titles, ESPN, Fortnite, One Championship, NBA, Riot Games and the UFC. He has gained a reputation for his dynamic and engaging style by seamlessly blending action and humour. He is one of the most collectable modern comic artists today.

Next-Gen Avatars

Alphas not only secure a collectable for the ages, but you also enjoy an enhanced 3D in-game avatar experience. Your Next Gen Avatar enhances the in-game video conferencing experience, offering immersive interaction by mirroring your movements. The Next-Gen Avatars Privacy Mask feature allows you to mask your identity and play or stream anonymously, offering a secure way to enjoy the game while maintaining personal privacy and online security. This privacy feature links with our computer vision Anti-cheat, ensuring your mates play fairly.

A creative journey marked by challenges and solutions

Delighted with Rodrigo's work, which captured the ethos of the Alphas and their subsequent journey, the next phase was to create 3D models to bring his work to life.

This was one of our biggest technical challenges, and it took us a long time to develop a workflow to ensure each unique Alpha Avatar was high quality. It allowed for Alpha and in-season traits to be collectable and tradable. At the same time, ensure there was no impact on gameplay speed. This challenge was amplified as Checkmate is a progressive web app rather than a mobile or desktop app; there were no off-the-shelf options. Rather than launch a PFP collection and work it out, we were determined to resolve the issue. With the assistance of Tencent (who own League of Legends and Fortnite) and internal R&D, Alphas can flex their class and skills with your 3D Alpha Avatar Collectable. Like our fellow Alphas, we are laser-focused on our mission as we implement our vision.

A one-of-a-kind collectable

Each class of collectible avatars is a separate collection with its own set of traits and drop weightings. The 888 Kings, for instance, have 100 traits consisting of different accessories, clothes, looks, ethnicities, and styles and have a drop weight of six. Click here to see the list of traits and more about drop weightings.

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