๐Ÿ’žAvatar Perks

Alpha Avatars come with a suite of exclusive benefits, utility and perks.

Flex your class with exclusive: Avatar Benefits and Rights

  • 2D Alpha Avatar

  • 3D Next Gen Alpha Avatar unlock

  • Community Treasury Voting rights

  • Exclusive Alpha-only backgrounds, traits, and skins

  • Alpha platform Badge

  • Alpha Avatar Chat Icon

  • Token Gated Access to Alpha Discord Channel

AAA Access

  • Alpha allows list access before any pre-sales

  • Pre-sale allowlist spots for future drops

  • Token Gated Access to Alpha Discord Channel

  • Early Access to Token Air Drops

  • Early Access to Season Card Drops

  • Early Access to Avatar Season Drops

  • Early access to new games, Alpha versions, and expansions

  • VIP Invites to Alpha Events

Exclusive Content & Airdrops

  • Alpha-only Drop allocations

  • Alpha-only Drops

  • Alpha only giveaways

Free Loot

  • Season Starter Avatar

  • Alpha Avatar Chess Set

  • Arcade Chess Set

  • Pro Chess set

  • Alpha-only Emoticon Pack

Alpha-only Play

  • Access to Alpha-only tournaments

  • Alpha-only missions and Ladders with rewards

  • USDC Prizes

Mates Rates

  • Alpha-only discounts in the game store

  • Discounts on Card Pack purchases and card upgrades

  • VIP rates to live events and pre-sale access

As an Alpha player, you'll revel in the fast and furious gameplay, competing for glory, cash, credits, and collectibles. ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ†

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