FAQ's Alpha Drop

What is the Alpha Launch?

The Alpha Launch of Checkmate marks the rollout of our live Alpha platform, featuring exclusive Alpha Packs and Passes for our early adopters, conducted in close collaboration with our community and federation partners.

Has the platform been built?

  • Yes, the platform is in Alpha and this is why we are excited to be releasing the Alpha Pack to give you and our Federation partners the first look. See here for our roadmap.

When does the Arcade Season One begin?

  • Season One is scheduled to begin in Q2. You can buy or pre-order your pass in advance and enter tournaments but the progressive rewards system will not be available until season one begins.

When do tournaments begin?

  • In Q1. Players who wish to enter pro tournaments and play for USDC must be subscribed and have played 30 games prior to entering a tournament.

  • Checkmate will be running tournaments with its Federation partners

Are all features available?

  • We have more features on our roadmap which will be released iteratively. Some will be revealed before release, some are being developed in stealth and some will be based on community suggestions.

Will there be additional costs for these features?

  • All features will be available as part of the Alpha pass at no additional costs which is included in Alpha Packs. Alphas will get first look at new features before they are publicly released.

Alpha Pack Sale

Can I resell my Avatar?

  • Absolutely, please note that Avatar and Alpha Pass are linked unless you split them during the Alpha Split.

How do I sell my avatar?

  • You can sell your avatar on any participating secondary market that allows for royalties to be paid. 50% of avatar royalties go to the Community Treasury. When the Checkmate Marketplace is live, you can also trade your Avatar and collectables.

What happens if I sell the avatar?

  • All Alpha Pass holders will receive a Season One Avatar that can be unlocked when you activate your pass or you can buy a new one from our store

Can I sell the avatar and keep the pass?

  • Sure can. You will still receive all the entitlements that come with the Alpha Pro Pass.

How do I this?

  • You can split the Alpha pass and Avatar if you participate in the Alpha Split event. This splits the Alpha Avatar and Alpha Pass.

Can I sell the pass?

  • No this stays with you if it is split or travels with the Avatar

Can I sell Alpha Drop keys?

  • No.

How long are Alpha packs available to purchase and redeem?

  • Alpha Packs are available for purchase until theyโ€™re sold out. The Alpha Drop keys are only valid for the Alpha Drop.

  • The Pro pass is valid from Season One until the membership period has expired. Access prior to season one is complimentary for Alpha Pass holders to allow for any unanticipated delays or server maintenance during the alpha period.

How do I activate the Alpha Pass?

  • Sign up for an account on checkmate

  • Dock your wallet that holds your Alpha Avatar in the โ€œWallet Connectโ€ button on the top right navigation

  • To activate the Alpha Pass select โ€œActivate Passโ€ in your Checkmate Wallet to claim the pass and it will appear in your wallet

  • If you Flip your Avatar before you activate your passa all entitlements transfer to the new Avatar holder

  • You can split the Alpha pass and Avatar if you participate in the Alpha Split event

  • Once Season One commences the duration of the pass begins to tick over

What guarantee do I have that the Alpha Pack will be delivered?

Well, you have our word, but if thatโ€™s not enough, you can choose to insure your Avatar during checkout. All Avatars and Passes are linked to smart contracts that ensure your benefits, perks, and rights are delivered. During checkout, you can opt to take out Avatar Insurance on your pass or pack.

Can I sell my Avatar or Alpha Pack?

Absolutely, once the Alpha Drop has occurred. This is to protect the value of the assets for all holders. You can also buy additional Alpha Packs during the pre-sale, which can be sold straight after.

Why can't I get the Alpha Pack straight away?

The Inner Circle Alpha Pass is an early offer for mates while we complete the Avatar 3D Models for the Alpha Pack. Between us, the Avatars have been a royal pain; we were well ahead of the curve when we dreamed up their utility and wanting each one to be unique. Weโ€™ve well and truly cracked that egg now, and the art team is in full swing. All six classes will be complete by the time of the pre-sale.

When you drop the Particpation Token what is the Allocation for Alphas?

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