Alpha-only Perks

Join the elite ranks of Presidents and Royalty with the Alpha Pack and enjoy the elite perks you know you deserve.

Your Alpha Avatar and Alpha Pro Pass have exclusive benefits, utility and perks.

Together, they provide:

AAA Access

Flex your class:

  • Alpha allows list access before any pre-sales

  • Token-gated access to Alpha Discord Channel

  • Alpha-only Drops

  • Early Access to Future Token Air Drops

  • Early Access to Avatar Season Drops

  • Early Access to Season Card Drops

  • Early access to new modes, Alpha versions, and expansions

  • VIP Invites to Alpha Events

  • King and Queens get VIP access to Major Events

Alpha Avatars

Secure a collectable for the ages:

  • 2D Alpha PFP Avatar: You can run with the pack or play your own game and flip

  • 3D Next-Gen In-game Alpha Avatar: Express yourself and elevate your in-game identity.

  • Each Avatar is one-of-a-kind, featuring exclusive Alpha-only backgrounds, traits, and skins, enhancing their rarity and collectability

  • Start the season with a fresh start with a complimentary season one Avatar

Alpha-only Play

Play for credits, loot and USDC in:

  • Alpha-only tournaments

  • Alpha-only Ladders

  • Alpha-only Brawls and Showdowns

  • AAA Access to Alpha, Arcade, and Pro tournaments

Alpha-only Loot

Score Alpha-only loot and DLC

  • Alpha-only Badge

  • Alpha-only Chat Emotes

  • Alpha-only Alpha Chat Icon

  • Alpha-only Chess Set

  • Aracde Chess Set

  • Pro Pass Chess Set

  • BONUS: Free Season One Starter Pack

    • 1 x 2D Avatar

    • 1 x 3D Next-Gen Avatar

    • 1 x Gold Card Pack

    • 500 Crowns

    • 500 Credits

    • 15 x Brawl Tokens

Alpha-only Unlocks

  • Always on Chat and Video feature

  • Minting unlock

  • Pre-Season Next-Gen Avatar unlock

  • Complimentary KYC verification is included for any new holders who want to play

Mates Rates

  • Alpha only discounts in the game store

  • Discounts on card upgrades

  • Alpha-only pre-sale rates for live events

Enhanced XP

  • Enjoy an ad-free experience

  • Enhanced Anti-cheat protection

  • VIP Match Support and Match Escalation

  • Prioritised Ticket support

  • Increased Dispute Buffer allowance

  • Instant eligibility when switching teams

Alpha Split

Benefits and perks for the Alpha Avatar and Alpha Pass have been listed separately for players who wish to participate in the Alpha Split.

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