Fairplay Score

At Checkmate.live, our unwavering commitment to fair play shapes the heart of our community. We believe in creating a gaming environment where competition is fair, tolerant, and enjoyable for all. Our Fairplay Score system is a reflection of this ethos, categorizing player behaviors to uphold the integrity and enjoyment of our platform.

Fairplay Score System:

Tierl 1 - Severe Integrity Violations:

  • Using bots, cheats, exploits, hacking, or scripting.

  • Bribery or extortion attempts towards officials or admins

  • Hacking or using unauthorized chess engines and aids.

  • Third-party assistance

  • Match-fixing.

  • Betting on own games

  • Elo Boosting

  • Exploiting game glitches

  • Manipulating network conditions

Teir 2 - Serious Misconduct:

  • Unauthorized release of private communications

  • Baseless cheating accusations

  • Doxing

  • Collusion

  • Account sharing

  • Smurfing

  • Impersonation

  • Stream sniping

  • In-game harassment

  • False reporting of cheating or fairplay breaches

Teir 3 - Unsporting Behavior and Toxic communication

  • Political statements or actions

  • Hate speech and discriminatory behavior*

  • Threatening or abusive behaviour

  • Griefing

  • Intentional feeding or throwing games

  • Inactivity or AFK

Teirl 4 - Minor Infractions:

  • Disconnections and late arrivals.

  • Abandoning games

  • Inappropriate nicknames or avatars

  • Spamming

  • Minor gameplay disruptions

* Tiered Response

  • First Offense: In cases where a player's behavior is borderline or unclear, we provide a warning

  • Repeated or Clear Violations: More severe or repeated violations are escalated to higher levels of penalties.

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