What is is a free-to-play online speed chess platform with an integrated live gaming-as-a-service model. It combines sportech, media, and interactive entertainment, enhancing the overall player experience.

The platform features robust anti-cheat systems, sophisticated tournament management tools, and advanced social functionalities, all augmented by in-platform video conferencing. It is the exclusive broadcast, data, and tournament platform for the Asian Chess Federation and the Arab Esports Federation. has partnerships with the Federations and strategic alliances with Tencent and the UTS Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), focusing on accelerating online speed chess as an esport and promoting fair play.

Who owns Checkmate?

Checkmate is a stand-alone entity incubated by Australia and UAE-based VADR Media. We have collaborated with experts, strategic partners, and vendors to develop checkmate and are all working together to advance online chess as an esport. All our stakeholders are committed to principles of fairness and tolerance, embodying the spirit of Ekecheiria.

How do I become an Alpha Pass holder?

Alpha Passes are available through the Innercircle Private Sale and Alpha Pack Sale, offering additional benefits and exclusive platform access.

What are the benefits of Pro Pass?

Pro Pass holders can play for USDC and gain access to exclusive features like in-game video conferencing and advanced platform functionalities, especially for rated events.

How do I purchase Passes?

The Alpha Pass is included in Alpha Packs, and Aracde and Pro passes can be pre-ordered in advance of season one at the conclusion of the Alpha Sale.

Can I still play on Checkmate if I donโ€™t purchase a paid pass?

Yes, Checkmate is a free-to-play platform, passes unlock additional features and rewards.

When Does Season One Begin?

Season One pre-season is due to kick off in May. You can buy your pass in advance to access the chat feature and enter tournaments for prizes but the battle pass will not be available until season one begins. Checkmate will be running tournaments where you can compete for pro passes, credits and crowns.

How is fair play ensured on employs advanced AI monitoring, player verification, a player reporting system, human oversight and collaboration with chess federations and the Esports Integrity Commission to ensure fair play and integrity in games.

Are there social features on

Yes, includes text chat and Pro Pass holders have access to in-game video conferencing. There's also integration with streaming services and social media and squad play for a comprehensive social experience.

What are Crowns?

Crowns are our main in-game currency and can be purchased in the store or earned as you play. They are a virtual currency which is non-crypto based which can be purchased with a credit card, eth or USDC.


USDC, or USD Coin, is a type of cryptocurrency known as a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar.

What is a web3 wallet?

A web3 wallet stores cryptocurrencies and NFTs, facilitating digital transactions. Checkmate recommends using a non-custodial wallet for storing collectibles and NFTs.. See here for a list of wallets that work with Checkmate.

What chain do you use? The Alpha Pass and Alpha Avatars released during the Checkmate Alpha Sale are Ethereum (ETH) based a L2 is being used for future drops.

What is Gas?

Gas fees are transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain, determined by network supply and demand.

Do you have to be knowledgeable about web3 to use Checkmate?

No, Checkmate utises web2 and web3 technology to enhance players options and experience.

How does the Community Treasury work?

The Community Treasury is a dynamic fund that grows with trades and treasury drops. It's allocated for annual events, community initiatives, and special activities. 50% of net sales from the Alpha Sale and secondary sales royalties contribute to this fund.

Can I participate in platform decision-making?

Alpha Avatar holders have voting rights. The Players Council and Queens Council offer additional representation and decision-making avenues. Community input is also welcome in the community discord.

What kind of tournaments can I participate in on

The platform hosts various tournaments, including official events for the Asian Chess Federation and Arab Esports Federation.

How does protect player privacy?

Player privacy is a top priority. uses hashed user information for privacy, offers avatar use as an alternative to live video, and works with third-party KYC providers to ensure the secure handling of sensitive data.

Can I stream my games on

The platform integrates with popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube for live game broadcasting.

What is the viewership rewards module?

Scheduled for Q3 2024, this module is linked to the Participation Token and will reward players for watching streams and playin on Checkmate.

How can I contribute to the Checkmate community?

Players can join councils, participate in community events, engage in forums and leaderboards, and utilize social features to actively contribute to and shape the Checkmate community.

Is accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, is a progressive web app available on web and mobile platforms, with dedicated desktop and mobile apps planned for future release..

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