Real-Time Tournament System

At the heart of is its state-of-the-art broadcast and tournament system designed to facilitate fair competitive play in online speed chess. Emphasizing an esports-first approach, it incorporates a wide range of tournament formats and the latest media technology, allowing arbitrators to monitor, and players to play, stream, watch, and earn.

The real-time broadcast and tournament system includes the following features:

Player Notifications

  • Check-in Lobby: Enforces punctuality and fairness with rigid check-in times.

  • Match Alerts: Automatic notifications for upcoming matches, changes in scheduling, or tournament announcements.

  • Reminders: Reminders for registration deadlines, match start times, and any required pre-match preparations.

  • Localized Tournament Notifications: Players receive notifications and schedules adjusted to their local time zones, reducing confusion and enhancing participation.

  • In-App Messaging: Direct messaging between players and tournament organizers for queries, updates, or coordination.

  • Ticket support: Dispute Resolution: Mechanisms for players to report issues and a system for resolving apples ad disputes fairly

Dynamic Stats and Brackets

  • Real-Time Updates: Live updates of tournament brackets showing progress, match outcomes, and upcoming matchups.

  • Interactive Viewing: Players can view their position in the tournament and potential future opponents

Multi-Stage Tournament Management:

  • Seamless Stage Transitions: Automated progression through different tournament stages, from initial rounds to finals and tie breaks

  • Adaptability: Capable of managing complex formats, integrating various mutli-stage tournaments

  • Multiple Time Controls: Accommodates various time controls for games and rounds

  • Best-of Series: Supports formats like best-of-one (BO1), best-of-three (BO3), and best-of-five (BO5), offering dynamic competitive experiences.

Player and Group Scheduling

  • Flexible Scheduling: Tools for players to schedule matches within their groups, accommodating different time zones and availability.

  • Auto-Scheduling: An automated system that schedules matches based on player availability and tournament timelines.

Zone Management

  • Zone Management: Efficient management of tournaments based on FIDE zones, ensuring global participation is balanced and fair.

  • National Representation: Facilitates matching of players from the same or different nations for international competitions

  • Custom Zones: The ability to set custom Zones for specific countries or identifiers eg skill or gender.

Fair Play Measures

  • AI Anti-Cheat System: Detects irregularities, ensuring adherence to fair play.

  • In-Game Video Monitoring: Human and computer vision monitoring, KYC Compliance: Mandatory for Pro Pass holders and cash tournament participants.

  • Partnerships for Integrity: Collaborates with chess and esports federations globally to ensure fair play oversight and enforcement

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