Product is a progressive web app, optimized for both web and mobile platforms. Developed from the ground up using enterprise-grade solutions, it offers a secure and scalable experience for players and partners. Our commitment to improvement is continuous, with regular updates and new features introduced each season. These enhancements are guided by our internal product roadmap and influenced by feedback and requests from our community.

Seasonal Content Updates

  • Battle Passes: Refreshed each season with new content, challenges, and rewards, keeping the platform engaging and up-to-date.

Arcade Pass

  • Duration: A structured ten-week season.

  • Tournaments: Includes daily, weekly, and monthly competitions, culminating in a season final.

Pro Mode

  • Extended Offerings: Besides the structured season of the Arcade Pass, Pro Mode introduces professional tournaments, special events, and rated tournaments catering to competitive players.

Ecosystem partners

In June, Checkmate Live will be releasing details about its participation token and sister project that will extend its utility for holders.

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