Checkmate payment provider is www.wert.io and is the merchant of record for all credit card and USDC payments. ETH-based payments are direct.

What cards can I use to make a purchase?

You can use both credit and debit cards from Visa or MasterCard.

What crypto can I use to make a payment?

You can use ETH or USDC ETH can be used for any countries not covered by Wert using a web3 wallet.

Can I purchase in any state of the US?


Does Wert allow purchases from my country?

Wert does not cover all countries but covers the majority. Check here to see if your country is covered for credit card or USDC payments.

It doesnโ€™t cover my country, so what can I do?

You can use ETH with a web3 wallet to make a purchase. If you are a member of the Asian Chess Federation or Arab Esports Federation, we can look into making alternative arrangements. If your country is not listed, email us at hello@checkmate.live, and we will provide other options.

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