On checkout you opt to take a warranty on your Alpha Pass. This service is provided by Avtata.

The warranty provides coverage for โ€œHacks and Exploitationโ€: (not limited to) loss of access and ownership of the NFT due to exploitation on the blockchain by a third party without prior consent by the warranty holder. Please refer to your policy for further details.

Read our FAQโ€™s for more infomation on this option.

What should I do if I'm blocked from making Checkmate purchases?

If you're blocked from making purchases, wait 24 hours and ensure your payment information is correct. If the issue persists after 24 hours, contact Player Support

What do I do when I get an error message that says my pass is inactive?

Contact Player Support

How can I prevent my account from being flagged for suspicious purchasing activity?

To prevent your account from being flagged due to suspicious purchasing activity, please consider the following measures:

  • Enable two-factor authentication for your account.

  • Check with your bank or payment provider for any restrictions on your payment account.

  • Keep your payment details and account credentials private, and use a password unique to your Epic Games account.

  • Ensure your billing information is accurate and your payment account is adequately funded.

  • Avoid buying Crowns or other content from third-party sellers or websites, and steer clear of third-party Crown giveaways

  • Only use payment methods that are legally yours and for which you have explicit authorization

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