Playtester Application

We’re looking for passionate speed chess enthusiasts to join our Playtesters and Fair Play Champions testing team and help us make our online chess platform anti-cheat technology the best it can be.

We want your passion for chess, honest opinion and critical eye.

Tell us WHAT you did/didn't like about Checkmate Live and WHY so we can make it better.

What You’ll Walk Away with:

  • Early Access: Be among the first to experience and compete in tournaments.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn special in-game rewards and bonuses for your participation and feedback.

  • Pro Pass: Receive a monthly Pro Pass subscription for each official nominated test tournament you join*

  • Immortality!: Community Recognition: Your name will be featured in our Playtester credits on the platform.

Who We’re Seeking:

  • Chess Players: From grandmasters to casual players, all skill levels are welcome.

  • Detailed Feedback: Your insights help us identify bugs, edge cases, and suggest improvements.

  • Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older.

  • Internet Connection: Essential for seamless as we are web platform

  • Device Compatibility: Mobile and PC players, with or without web cameras.

  • Global Participation: Players worldwide are welcome, though English language support is available at present.

  • Players are expected to play fair and compete to win and be respectful of each other, any differences should be settled on the board.

Your Availability:

  • Commit to participating to at least one in one playtesting tournament weekly, lasting up to 2 hours, in either Zone 1 or Zone 2.

  • Keen to connect with other playtesters to play outside the designated tournaments

What to Expect:

  • Casual Play: Engage in 30 games of Blitz, Bullet, and Rapid before your initial session at a designated time.

  • Tournament Play: Join a Google Meet call with fellow participants for an introduction to Checkmate Live, tournament regulations, and features being tested.

  • Provide Feedback: Complete a live feedback form and post-tournament survey.

  • Community Interaction: Being encouraged to connect with other testers on our social hub to arrange additional playtimes outside test tournaments.

  • Camera Usage: Participants may be asked to use webcams during tests; those without will be assigned to webcam-free groups.


  • AO: Asia and Oceania

  • EAS: Europe and Southern Africa

  • MENAT: Middle East, North Africa + Turkey

  • AM: Americas

For playtesting we will be running the following Play Zones:

  • Play Zone 1: AO, EAS, and MENAT Combined Zone

  • Play Zone 2: AM: All Americas

Play Zone 1

Start time : Sydney Time: 5 PM AEST (Saturday)

Local Start Times and Countries:

  • India: 11:30 AM IST (same day)

  • China: 3 PM CST (same day)

  • Japan/South Korea: 4 PM JST/KST (same day)

  • Southeast Asia: 3 PM SGT/MYT/WIB (same day)

  • Russia (MSK): 10 AM MSK (same day)

  • Western Europe (CET): 9 AM CET (same day)

  • Turkey (TRT): 10 AM TRT (same day)

  • Saudi Arabia (AST): 9 AM AST (same day)

  • United Arab Emirates and GCC (GST): 10 AM GST (same day)

  • Egypt (EET): 9 AM EET (same day)

  • Other Middle Eastern Countries in MENAT: Similar local times

Play Zone 2

USA (Eastern Time): 6 PM ET (Sunday) Sydney Time: 8 AM AEST (Monday)

Local Start Times and Countries:

  • USA (Eastern Time): 6 PM ET (Sunday)

  • USA (Central Time): 5 PM CT (Sunday)

  • USA (Mountain Time): 4 PM MT (Sunday)

  • USA (Pacific Time): 3 PM PT (Sunday)

  • Brazil (BRT): 7 PM BRT (Sunday)

  • Argentina (ART): 7 PM ART (Sunday)

  • Canada (Eastern Time): 6 PM ET (Sunday)

  • Mexico (Central Time): 5 PM CT (Sunday)

  • Colombia (COT): 5 PM COT (Sunday)

  • Peru (PET): 5 PM PET (Sunday)

  • Chile (CLT): 6 PM CLT (Sunday)

  • Venezuela (VET): 6 PM VET (Sunday)

Please click here to see additional countries' start times not included in the above schedule.

When you login to Checkmate you will see the tournament date and time listed as your local time.

We are currently testing on Singapore and Europe servers; servers will be rotated during the testing phase as we optimise the platform. Once live servers will be available in all key regions. This may impact some testers when you play is but is part of our testing plan.

Prior to registering please read our Playtester Terms and conditions and Pre-Release agreement, in addition to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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